I'm Jordan, a designer/art director/doodler/michigander living in the south. I graduated from The Art Institute of Las Vegas with a bachelors degree in graphic design. A year after graduation I traded in my poker chips for fishing poles and beer koozies to work at Red Square Agency where I'm currently a senior designer and sometimes art director.  I am always looking to expand my abilities and vision by working with diverse brands and people. I am currently available for new freelance opportunities.


  • I held this baseball to seem more interesting in this picture. 
  • Unrelated to this photo but still important: I won MVP in my rookie t-ball season. I got a sweet trophy. 
  • That flannel has elbow patches and was the only reason I purchased it. 
  • I was sporting an eagle pin on my hat that was given to me by an official Eagle Scout. He was interested in graphic design so I served as a mentor. He gave me the pin as a token of his appreciation.